If you believe in nothing, honey, it believes in you.

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In a recent NPR interview with “Weird Al” Yankovic, he responds to a question about…

In a recent NPR interview with “Weird Al” Yankovic, he responds to a question about Cookie Monster‘s parody of “Call Me Maybe” with “Yeah, Cookie Monster is my No. 1 competition right now.” Apparently he’s forgetting that Cookie Monster did “Hey Food” back in 1982, a year prior to Al’s first album.

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Oz-Crossed Lovers

L. Frank Baum was known to have said that he didn’t want romance or “mawkish sentimentality” in his children’s stories. Of course, Baum was also known for breaking pretty much every writing rule he came up with, but he was generally faithful to this ideal. When he wrote about the marriage of Gayelette and Quelala in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, it was a sidenote to the main story and told from…

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Watching the Watchmen

Watchmen– I actually read the graphic novel on which this film was based a few years back, but I don’t recall if I wrote about it at the time. I had to return it to the library before finishing it and then read the end at a bookstore, so my memories of the rest of it weren’t so great by that time. The movie refreshed my memory about a lot of it, though. The comic was sort of a deconstruction of…

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