If you believe in nothing, honey, it believes in you.

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I Am Groot

Guardians of the Galaxy– While I’ve never been someone who followed comics, there have been some pretty good comic-based movies released recently, and I tend to be on the hunt for more. When I found this one featured a raccoon and a tree in space, I was pretty much sold on it. It took me a while to get around to seeing it, but I’m glad I was able to watch it in a theater. As far as the source…

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Flying Down to Sanrio

Flying Down to Sanrio

What, Hello Kitty isn’t a cat? Instead, she’s a little English girl who looks like a cat. I have to wonder what kind of interbreeding went on in her family. Actually, according to the Wikipedia article, a Sanrio spokesperson later revised that to say that she’s a gijinka, basically an anthropomorphic animal. I’ve written before about how such animal-people belong in a confusing category,…

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