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Oz-Crossed Lovers

L. Frank Baum was known to have said that he didn’t want romance or “mawkish sentimentality” in his children’s stories. Of course, Baum was also known for breaking pretty much every writing rule he came up with, but he was generally faithful to this ideal. When he wrote about the marriage of Gayelette and Quelala in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, it was a sidenote to the main story and told from…

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Best Friends Forever and Even Longer

Best Friends Forever and Even Longer

We’ve established that there aren’t very many ROMANTIC couples in the Oz books, but there are a whole lot of best friend pairs. Some people choose to make them romantic pairings as well, because that’s what fans of pretty much every fictional universe seem to want to do these days, but they’re not canonical. The Scarecrow and Tin Woodman are probably the most frequently used, but when they were…

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The Ozzing Dead

I’ve already written about the concept of death and afterlife in the Oz series and ghosts in Oz, but another theme I’ve seen occasionally in apocryphal Oz works is that of people coming to live in Oz when they die. While Oz has some qualities of paradise, it isn’t exactly Heaven. People there still have to eat and sleep, and they could theoretically be eaten by a Kalidah. I guess it’s a little…

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Return to Philmland

Oh, I see. Legends of Oz was a flop because of a vast Hollywood conspiracy to take it down.

“Here’s to the failure of another movie promoting those Magic Belt thieves!”
You know how I know that isn’t true? Because the only reason I’ve come across any publicity at all about the movie, good OR bad, is because I’m subscribed to several Oz forums. I think I might have seen a television spot or two,…

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I’m Just a Jester Gesturing

I’m Just a Jester Gesturing

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return – Based on the book Dorothy of Ozby Roger Stanton Baum, that was also its working title. I can only figure they changed it in hopes of launching a franchise, but since the film isn’t doing all that well at the box office this probably won’t happen. I have to wonder if a sequel would adapt another Roger Baum book or something totally different. In general, I think…

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The Evil That Nomes Do

The Evil That Nomes Do

I’ve written before about how post-canonical Oz books about the Nome King can be quite difficult to reconcile with one another. But what about stories that deal with Roquat (as he was then known) BEFORE the events of Ozma of Oz? It’s been pointed out that the Nome King didn’t become an enemy of Oz until AFTER Ozma interfered in his affairs. Not that buying the Evian royal family and…

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