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Dragon Quest X 2nd Anniversary Astortia Census

The official Dragon Quest X player site published user statistics on August 12th. Most of the data covers 30 days around the 2nd of August, which marks the 2 year anniversary for the game.

Source article: http://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/topics/detail/4ffce04d92a4d6cb21c1494cdfcd6dc1/

Bonus chapter

Popular names for tamed monsters

Slarin (slime)
22 008

Hoimin (heal slime)
28 454

Pierre (slime knight)
6 288

Golems (golem)
3 726

Robin (killer machine)

Drango (dragon rex)

Hoimin was the name of the party member heal slime in DQ4 who started the concept of fighting together with monsters in the same party. Slarin scores 15775 namings in the all katakana spelling and another 6233 in the mixed kana spelling. The former was used in the SFC versions of DQV and VI, the latter in the PS2 and DS remake of V. It seems among the players of DQX are many from the SFC generation.

Photos taken in two hours from August 1st 11pm to 2nd 1am

231 thousand and 23

Popular tamed monsters for certain names

Rikkii (magical hat)

Anzai (slime knight)

Aoyama (bamboo soldier)

These are the names of some of the creators of DQX, Rikkii D being the director.

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