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Best Friends Forever and Even Longer

Best Friends Forever and Even Longer

We’ve established that there aren’t very many ROMANTIC couples in the Oz books, but there are a whole lot of best friend pairs. Some people choose to make them romantic pairings as well, because that’s what fans of pretty much every fictional universe seem to want to do these days, but they’re not canonical. The Scarecrow and Tin Woodman are probably the most frequently used, but when they were…

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Patchwork Relationships

Jared Davis recently wrote about relationships and sexuality in Oz, a topic that http://vovat.livejournal.com/457865.htmlI’d addressed before. Jared and J.L. Bell have also commented on how a passage in The Tin Woodman of Ozhas taken on a different but perhaps still appropriate meaning: “‘Well, perhaps our Emperor is queer,’ admitted the servant; ‘but he is a kind master and as honest and true…

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Dooit for Love

As far as I can recall, I haven’t written a post about Johnny Dooit, a character who makes a short but noteworthy appearance in The Road to Oz. He’s also linked to the Love Magnet, so I might as well write about that too. It first shows up in the possession of the Shaggy Man, who claims he got it from an Eskimo in the Sandwich Islands. Not too likely considering that the Sandwich Islands was…

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Things We Did on Glass

Things We Did on Glass

I’ve been thinking of the uses of glass in the Oz books, particularly when applied in a magical way. The Mangaboos live in glass buildings that grew out of the ground and can grow back together again if they’ve been broken. It takes a long time, though, so their buildings being broken is still a calamity for them.

There’s the Glass Cat, animated by Dr. Pipt with the Powder of Life. Although…

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The Ozzing Dead

I’ve already written about the concept of death and afterlife in the Oz series and ghosts in Oz, but another theme I’ve seen occasionally in apocryphal Oz works is that of people coming to live in Oz when they die. While Oz has some qualities of paradise, it isn’t exactly Heaven. People there still have to eat and sleep, and they could theoretically be eaten by a Kalidah. I guess it’s a little…

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Needs More Oz

Here are thoughts on a few of the Oz books I’ve recently read online:

The Silver Tower of Oz, by Margaret Baum– This author has admitted she’s not related to L. Frank Baum, although it’s been pretty well proven that people who WERE didn’t necessarily inherit any of his writing talent. With this, the main thing I wonder is why it’s even an Oz book. It takes place in Oz in the distant past, and the…

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Princess Ozma
The OZ book series by L.Frank Baum
Cosplayer: Sweet~Pea Cosplay
Arisia 2013
Photos by Dan Morris and Flickr User

Notes: I took a lot of elements from different versions of Ozma illustrations to create this costume. This costume was a lot of bits and bobs I’ve collected over the years or parts from other costumes I frankensteined into it. I love being able to reuse things and give them new life <3

Lovely Ozma cosplay!

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Return to Philmland

Oh, I see. Legends of Oz was a flop because of a vast Hollywood conspiracy to take it down.

“Here’s to the failure of another movie promoting those Magic Belt thieves!”
You know how I know that isn’t true? Because the only reason I’ve come across any publicity at all about the movie, good OR bad, is because I’m subscribed to several Oz forums. I think I might have seen a television spot or two,…

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The Evil That Nomes Do

The Evil That Nomes Do

I’ve written before about how post-canonical Oz books about the Nome King can be quite difficult to reconcile with one another. But what about stories that deal with Roquat (as he was then known) BEFORE the events of Ozma of Oz? It’s been pointed out that the Nome King didn’t become an enemy of Oz until AFTER Ozma interfered in his affairs. Not that buying the Evian royal family and…

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For I Am One Thousand Years Old

For I Am One Thousand Years Old

What’s generally considered the canonical Oz series starts with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and then continues to describe events that occurred after that story. There have been prequels written, but not until long afterwards, so most of the history of Oz has to be garnered from descriptions in the books themselves. As I mentioned before, details are pretty scant on history before the arrival…

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