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For I Am One Thousand Years Old

For I Am One Thousand Years Old

What’s generally considered the canonical Oz series starts with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and then continues to describe events that occurred after that story. There have been prequels written, but not until long afterwards, so most of the history of Oz has to be garnered from descriptions in the books themselves. As I mentioned before, details are pretty scant on history before the arrival…

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Free Ride, Whee Ride, Spree Ride, Glee Ride

Free Ride, Whee Ride, Spree Ride, Glee Ride

The latest issue of The Baum Bugle has an article by David Maxine about Eloise Jarvis McGraw’s writing process for Merry Go Round in Oz, one of the most tightly plotted books in the Oz series. Indeed, it’s so well plotted that it’s kind of surprising there’s a loose end involving the very beginning of the story. At a carnival, Robin Brown encounters a strange carousel barker who talks in rhymes.…

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