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The Kidnap Kid

Video game villains rarely have very developed motivations, although when a series uses a villain over and over you get some more sense of what makes them tick. Bowser Koopa, while hardly the most threatening bad guy in the video game world, does show up quite a bit. Several years ago, Drew Mackie speculated on reasons why Bowser kept kidnapping the Princess over and over again. The idea that…

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Front and back of a Japanese guide for Super Mario Bros. 2 and 3.

Oh my god, I think that’s the same artist who did (some of) the art found in the first issue of Nintendo Power magazine for Super Mario Bros. 2! I had no idea there was a whole other thing for it and Super Mario Bros. 3!

Crap, I need to find a way to get one of these!

Apparently Mario and Luigi have no peripheral vision. Maybe that’s why the game is two-dimensional.

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